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Lambda World Register


Dear Lambda owner,

2012 we have established the Lambda World Register (LWR) with a small set of data per Lambda

- chassis number

- motor number

- body type (Lancia Torpedo, Lancia Saloon, other manufacturer)

- email adress of the owner

- foto of the Lambda

To foster communication between the Lambda owners worldwide we send 4 LWR-Newsletters per year with lambdarelevant information in the languages english, italian, german or french to the Lambda owners.

We have no commercial interests and we guarantee that the contact details of the Lambda owners are kept strictly confidential.

Up to now we already have all the data for the LWR of more than 450 Lambdas in more than 25 countries worldwide. We would highly appreciate to get the above mentioned data of your Lambda and to welcome you as a member of the LWR (there is no fee).

Best wishes

Joachim Griese                                               Bill Jamieson


Joachim Griese                                               William F. Jamieson

Egghölzliweg 3                                                1 Joanna Court

CH-3074 Muri bei Bern                                  Mount Waverley

Switzerland                                                     Victoria 3149 Australia

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